Webinar Recordings

State of the Science: Swallow-wort Biocontrol

Hosted by the Eastern Lake Ontario Swallow-wort Collaborative this webinar showcased swallow-wort biocontrol research that is currently underway in New York state and beyond. Researchers from New York, Rhode Island, and Michigan provided an overview of their research, along with the results of an ongoing Hypena opulenta cage monitoring project that SLELO PRISM participates in. 


Dr. Lisa Tewksbury- University of Rhode Island Biocontrol Lab

Dr. Marianna Szucs- Michigan State University

Dr. Dylan Parry- SUNY ESF Robert Smith-SLELO PRISM

Robert Smith- SLELO PRISM

From Research to Implementation: An Overview of Swallow-wort biocontrol (or Hypena opulenta) Release Projects in New York State

Carrie Brown-Lima, Director, New York Invasive Species Research Institute

Audrey Bowe, Project Coordinator, New York Invasive Species Research Institute

Successful Adult Emergence, Larval Development and Defoliation at Wehle Site

Rob Williams, Invasive Species Program Manager, SLELO-PRISM

An Integrative Assessment of Pale Swallow-wort Management: Gauging Combined Impacts of Deer, Invasive Earthworms and Invasive Plants. Presenter; Andrea Davalos, Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department, SUNY Cortland

With guest appearance from the New York Invasive Species Research Institute at Cornell University, Audrey Bowe

Facilitated by Robert Smith, SLELO PRISM